“When are you going to stop drinking?”
“Stop coming home drunk, going to work and church drunk!”
“Look at you, you are drunk! You need to stop drinking and get yourself under control!”

I bet you have heard those saying many times.  Do they find the time to see the pain in your eyes and at the bottom of your heart?


Has anyone find their time to understand you and why you are consuming in deadly addiction?  And know your behaviors?  In today’s, society, everything has gone too fast, the lifestyle, and technologies.  These just blows our mind!  Does any of the people ever find the time to want to develop an “authentic” relationship with the withered souls?  Who wants to be listened to?  We live in the age of individualism.  What is individualism?

From my iPhone, look into Merriam-Webster to find the true define the word ‘individualism’.


  1. The belief that the needs of each person are more important than the needs of the whole society or group
  2. The actions or attitudes of a person who does things without being concern about what other people will think.

Let’s be firmly honest here, it is very true, based on what I’ve seen in a home, work and church.  Few years ago, I flew to Moldova near Russia for my missionary trip.  We were group of Deaf ministry of Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts.  I realized how truly guilty I was of being an individualism and materialism!  Why?  It is because the Deaf Moldavian were poor.  They had no government assistant for their living expenses. They do not have any leisure possessions in their home.  With that, they were happy.  They dislike the expensive of shopping of clothings, food, transportation and etc. However, that didn’t stop them from enjoying what they have in their life because they continue to gather together with other Deaf and they learned to accept and move on.  What about America?

Why did I bring up about my missionary trip?  The “authentic” relationship, I saw it within the Deaf Moldavian’s Community.  They are very much connected to each other.  They opened up to others as well as at different Deaf Social events and church.

The truth absence of authentic relationship is the biggest contributions to engage in deadly addiction of my behavior.  I was consuming in alcohol that I was an alcoholic.  I was rejected and heartbroken because I led my life in false dream and fault hope.  I had unresolved and conflicts about my past which left me with totally bitterness and anger.  I cried on many nights.  I had overflood my tears because I was looking for an authentic relationship.  I wanted to believe I can still existed in my life.  But, I realized I cannot find an authentic  relationship because I had to renew my life by having faith and hope in God.  I saw how my life was torn from everything.  I began to give my personal relationship with God.  He brought me the inner healing in my heart and gave me an “authentic” relationship.  He has drawn me near to Him as I opened my heart to Him.

Prophet Jeremiah (he was greatly known as weeping prophet) shared message to the wounded souls in Judah the southern kingdom in Israel during period of approximately 627-586 BC, Jeremiah said:

For I known the plans I have for you says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope.  In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”~Jeremiah 29:11-13

Jeremiah spoke that message from Lord to those wounded souls of Judah the southern kingdom that was being invaded by Babylonians.  God reminded those people of Judah to trust in God in dark time and will be renew with new life and be given authentic relationship with God & new loved ones.

Are you one of those people who keep telling others “STOP…?” Do you really cares about others who are consumed into deadly addiction behavior?  If yes, then learn to take time to look in their eyes, which is root into their painful, wounded, and withered soul, which is screaming for help.

Not only looking at their painful, wounded and withered souls, it is ideal for you to spend sufficient time with them, which is showing the true Christlikeness love.  Also it is ideal for you to find all kind of recovery resources, which would be accessible for them.

The tragic in many Deaf churches, they are unable to provide with addiction recovery resource or even have any kind of addiction recovery ministry.  I did know there are just very few out there.  Even what sadder is most hearing churches do have Celebrate Recovery support group but there are no American Sign Language interpreter provided.  Deaf churches need to build the bridge with addiction support groups outside the church where it will contribute to their ministry experience in providing the support toward those addicts.

Therefore; no need to say, “STOP….”.  Embrace them with Christlikeness love and take the addict(s) to safe and healthy environment.




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