“I forgive you” ~What A Powerful Quote!


“Cinderella” (2015 live action movie by Disney) provided with a great hidden message in biblical viewpoint. One quote strikes my heart when Cinderella spoke softly toward her stepmother: “I forgive you.” It was after all how stepmother has mistreated Cinderella horribly and even took advantage of Cinderella’s parents’ after tragic death of Cinderella’s mother and father on separate events.

“I forgive you”

It is truly powerful saying

Cinderella was giving another way of saying, “Let go, let God!”

Are you willing to forgive who has mistreated you like stepmother did for Cinderella!

I know it is a truly difficult thing to do! Trust me, forgiving others will heal your withering soul!

How can you image if Cinderella would do differently by telling Prince:

“My stepmother mistreated me and put me in the attic! What’s more, she dishonors my parents’ house! She deserved to be tossed out of house!”

Can you image this Prince do have authority to honor Cinderella’s desire to do whatever she wishes to see being done to her stepmother.

None of them happened, Cinderella was taught by her mother about the secret to joy of the life by simply being “courage and kind!”

Cinderella was determined not to dishonor her mother’s encouraging message. Forgiving others will bring the joy into life in opening new path to beautiful life.

Are you filled with bitterness because you has been mistreated by someone who deserved to be tormented?

Arranging vengeance or being stuck in anger will not get anywhere, it will do much worse for your life. It is like a cancer to your soul!

Is your anger because God made your life full of unfair?

God never wanted to happen to you! God wanted you and will be much more than happy to heal your withering soul. It is why God told Prophet Isaiah to pass messages to Israelites as God said:

Come, let us talk about these things. Though your sins are like scarlet, they can be as white as snow. Though your sins are deep red, they can be white like wool. ~Isaiah 1:18 (NCV)

God understood your anger, bitterness, fear and confusion and wanted to help and heals you!  It is why God gave us new life through Jesus Christ, who gave up his life in order to give us new life in the presence of God.

Are you willing to follow the good example of Cinderella?  After Cinderella’s message to her stepmother: “I forgive you” which truly floored stepmother.  Apparently to me stepmother finally understood Cinderella’s courage and kind to her.

So are you willing to forgive others?  It is something you need to talk to God, which will bring you freedom in Christ as part of your inner healing journey!



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