About Michael “Spike Gonzo” Gonzalez


Native of Southern California & semi-Native of Central Pennsylvania and has been on a nomad journey of the past thirty-one years.  All of those years of being on a nomad journey have provided me with rich of experience in life involving my reflective thinking based on my intimacy relationship with God, authentic relationship, movies, televisions, and sports and more which parallels with theological viewpoint.

Recovering alcoholic addict and have been maintaining sobriety since 12/3/12.  Have spent twelve years of deadly battle with alcoholism which have destroyed everything until re-dedication to Jesus in the month of December 2012.

Graduated from North Central University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Art Degree in Deaf Pastoral Studies and also graduated from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in 2014 with a Master of Art Degree in Educational of Ministries.

Happily married to Sunflower Tami Jo since February 2016.

Avid photographer, Fanatic Star Wars Fan & Hardcore geek of Marvel and DC Comics.



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